The Salon at Chaddesley


How we helped them

The Salon at Chaddesley have changed their business model following the first covid lockdown. Vesna, the owner of the Salon in Chaddesley, has been running the business for 14 years and during that period she has refurbished and updated the interior of the salon a couple of times with the help of Interior Designer “Caroline Davis” who is the owner of Dejavu Designs.

Vesna had a successful clothing boutique side to her business in ‘The Salon’ but after the first lockdown people were hesitant about coming in and trying on items of clothing. Another issue was the 2M social distance rule and covid restrictions. Vesna tried to keep selling the clothing however, it was not cost effective. Vesna had a rethink and asked Caroline for some input and ideas to turn the The Salon into a small events venue and bar. 

Caroline has many years of experience for the interior of bars and restaurants so they both got their heads together and set out with a plan to transform ‘The Salon’ into a small events venue. During the second lockdown they started to brainstorm design ideas to transform The Salon. Caroline has helped Vesna transform this space from a traditional salon which contains the original wooden beam structure, into a trendy salon/bar.

Caroline has helped to transform this space by using her expertise knowledge in interior design. Dejavu Designs is the name of her interior design business in which she has lots of useful connections to builders, upholsters and furniture companies. Due to Caroline and Vesna’s determination, they managed to finish this project over the national lockdown in the UK. This was the most cost effective way to do this transformation due to the employees being furloughed and both Vesna and Caroline being able to put in more quality time to focus on transforming the interior of The Salon. 

The outcome was very rewarding for both of them as they saw their ideas come to life and work effectively; they both had similar ideas for the desired aesthetic for the interior design which resulted in the transformation being so successful.